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Las Vegas' first barre workout studio is healthy, different, and it's one of the latest exercise trends sweeping the country! The barre workout integrates hundreds of different variations of exercises that focus on precise movements to provide strength, flexibility and balance. You get the fat-burning benefits of interval training by isolating the muscles with precise isometric movements followed by orthopedic stretching to sculpt long, lean muscles. This is a great addition to any fitness routine! Whatever you need, they have the perfect combination for you. Visit thebodybar(re).

Tony Cress Personal Training

Tony Cress is highly qualified personal trainer, corrective exercise specialist and TRX extraordinaire, who leads private training sessions and a variety of group fitness classes to help willing clients adopt a lifestyle of health and fitness. Visit Tony Cress Personal Training.

Great Grubbing

Whether it’s sweet or savory you’re craving, these decadent and flavorful protein packed baked goods are sure to hit the spot! Owner Kenny, promotes healthy treats through a variety of gluten free and lactose free products. By eliminating butter, oil, and shortening, he is still able to supply substantial flavors to health conscious consumers by using fresh natural ingredients. Visit Great Grubbing.

The Juice Standard

So here's to you, bee-utiful juicers. For you ladies and gents looking to kick start your system toward wellness, their nutrient-dense blends make the perfect base for your cleanses that will truly heal what ails you. The Juice Standard is changing how Las Vegas achieves its ultimate health high, one pop-it-open bottle at a time. Visit The Juice Standard. 


We love this lively, friendly, open-air market where neighbors and friends come together to celebrate their community. Visit fresh52.

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